Brand Story

Right people to do right things.

ELITELUX’s founder Aron Charles, was born in a remote village. When Aron was young, he was naughty and not interested in study at all. Once he dropped out of school to take an adventure in the city, he had been hard hit. ELITELUX

He came to a grant castle-shaped big house and climbed up to the second floor. There were some children looked like his age watching a moving reflection on the wall. That is the first time Aron saw such a big screen displaying his favorite video song in a house. Aron gradually indulged into the show and forgot the time. He even couldn’t stand to singing by the tone.

Suddenly, the house owner had found him——a dirty boy in rag. He shouted loudly to little Aaron, “go back to your net, you poor boy!” A strong embarrassment had aroused in a flash, along with angry and humiliation.


ELITELUXAron went back to school and started to learn so hard. He focused on electronic area and made a decision that he would take TV into everyone’s house. “People no matter rich or poor are deserved to experience the enjoyment brought by TV. “ Aron said to himself in his mind.

Several years later, he made it. He named it as “ELITELUX”, which alarms him to be a professional expert in an area, trying to make people feel spiritual “luxury” beyond lost in luxury. To better cater for consumer taste and effectively stimulate the consumption, Aron started to gather different experts from all walks of life, rebuilding a completely new team. With the leading of Aron and the perseverance of his team, a new brand——ELITELUX, had emerged in Australia.