• Smart TV, A Door to A Smart Home

    Thanks to the rapid and advanced development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (The Internet of things), our life has increasingly become intelligent and convenient. A host is to a desktop computer what a chip is to a laptop. So what will...

  • Apps Activate A TV

    ELITLELUX Smart TV is equipped with an opened Android operating system (smart system). With this smart system and the network function, after connecting WIFI, ELITELUX LED smart TV can download, insta...

  • Reply Your Life

    Video has increasingly and gradually turned into one of the popular mainstream ways of recording life. When you were a baby, your parents timely captured every moment about your each single action and...

  • TV for Office Use is Truly Already

    Some ELITELUX TV was developed for office use, by inserting in the office tool functions, whiteboard with writing, eraser, notes functions, computer interface is also available, along with the USB con...

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